10 TED Talks to get you Ready for TEDxFoggyBottomWomen

On Thursday, October 27, we are hosting TEDxFoggyBottomWomen, a live-stream of TEDWomen2016, in partnership with GW Women in Business, Women and Youth Supporting Each Other, and GW Women’s Leadership Network. As we gear up for this year's TEDWomen conference, we are sharing 10 of our favorite TED Talks from inspiring women on timely topics that matter, from abortion to video games.


1. It's About Time we turn hardship into opportunity.


2. It's About Time we inspire the next generation of female innovators.


3. It's About Time we break the glass ceiling so an industry can represent everyone.


4. It's About Time we start a revolution by doing what we love.


5. It's About Time we stand up to our fears.


6. It's About Time something changes in our leadership.


7. It's About Time the rhetoric changes.


8. It's About Time our communities got strong leaders.


9. It's about time we recognize that we are more than our disabilities.


10. It's About Time we rethink the way we approach our careers.

The TEDxFoggyBottom Team