Meet the Speakers

This year, we are trying something new based on feedback we have received from our attendees, as well as our speakers, from our past events. As past attendees may know, an integral part of our event is our three interactive exhibits, available at our venue during the break sessions of our event. These exhibits, built and curated by our Experience Team and our partners, allow our audience to engage with the important ideas of the day, from 3D printing to yoga. This year, in addition to these interactive exhibits, our Strategy Team will be organizing a networking space. The vision is to make our speakers and performers more accessible to our attendees and further foster conversation on the ideas and stories shared from the stage. This will be a great opportunity for attendees to ask individualized questions about our presenters’ talks, performances, or work in general. In addition, this also allows our attendees to get to know those who make up our community, discuss the sessions, and carry on the mission of spreading great ideas.

It is important that we break down the divide between speakers and attendees that is formed between the stage and the audience — our speakers are people as well, who not only want to take our event as an opportunity to inspire, encourage, and educate people by sharing their idea, but also to be part of the conversation to further their idea. In fact, there is so much more that attendees can learn from our speakers and performers, and vice versa, that transcends our presenters’  15 minutes on the Lisner stage. The Strategy Team is working hard on ensuring that everyone who wants to meet our speakers gets a chance to do so. This networking event is going to enrich our TEDx experience and we are excited to take our conference to the next level by providing that space for our attendees and presenters.

To make sure you are able to take part in this exciting, new opportunity, purchase your ticket today from our 2017 page and stay tuned for more information.

Strategy Team