2017 Resident Artists

2017 marks the first year of our Resident Artists initiative. Our event has always brought together a diverse array of speakers and performers with unique ideas. Our vision is to now highlight artists who have done exceptional work in the DC area in order to engage our attendees from a visual arts perspective. Through a careful and thoughtful selection process, our team has chosen artists whose artistic style we are deeply drawn to. We reached out to each of these artists to invite them to create an original piece of artwork, interpreting our 2017 event theme, In Metamorphosis. Each of these pieces are an original work of art made exclusively for our event. They are individually-numbered and will be exclusively distributed to TEDxFoggyBottom 2017 attendees. That said, we are now very excited to finally be able to announce the artists with whom we are working this year.

To learn more about each of our Resident Artists, click on each photo below and purchase your tickets today.



Elizabeth Graeber is a freelance artist whose colorful illustrations of people, animals, plants, food, patterns, and her travels can be found in books and shops, as well as on clothing and murals.



Magnolia Laurie was born in Massachusetts and raised in Puerto Rico. She received her BA in Critical Social Thought from Mount Holyoke College and her MFA from the Mount Royal School of Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Laurie describes the structures and systems within her painting and illustrations as illogical. The delicate and makeshift nature of her work when faced with its own endurance, is representative of the cyclical rise and fall of civilizations, and the need to build and create in the face of futility.



Johab Silva is native Brazilian who has lived and worked in Washington, D.C. metro area since 2008. Currently pursuing his Masters’s Degree in Art Education at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Silva’s work explores themes of appropriation, materiality, space, memories, and environment. His work has been exhibited at the Transformer Gallery, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Miami Art Palace and the Santo Andre Museum of Art.



Jordann's drawings and paintings are inspired by a fascination with sacred geometry and the natural beauty of the planet that she has observed through her extensive travels around the globe. Her art uses repetition of elemental shapes and slight imperfections in design to portray themes of connections across time and history, and seeking order out of chaos. A native to the greater DC area, Jordann is currently based in Washington, DC where she has a studio practice. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, as well as in private collections. She has completed murals in Washington, D.C, the greater DC area, and New York City. Jordann studied Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Art at New York University, and later continued her art studies at the Aegean Center for Fine Arts in Paros, Greece.