TEDxFoggyBottomSalon: Civilize Business

Plastered across the media are stories of businesses that allow incivility to overcome them, prioritizing their success over ethics. Despite this, the business endeavors with the most success are those that consider the big picture, valuing consumers at the same level they value the bottom line.

The young minds of budding entrepreneurs have reopened the door to socially-conscious, strategic business options that can simultaneously increase profits and societal welfare. We do not have to compromise our integrity to make our innovative ideas into reality. There are alternatives. We can Civilize Business

On the evening of November 5th, join TEDxFoggyBottom for “Civilize Business,” in the Lisner Auditorium for the latest TEDxFoggyBottomSalon. While giving a fresh insight to those in attendance, our speakers will explore what civility means in the business world, and how to balance professionalism with morality.

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